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Dataset Size Last Modified
     Folder  ISLSCP II AVHRR Albedo and BRDF, 1995/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Ecosystem Rooting Depths/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II IGBP DISCover and SiB Land Cover, 1992-1993/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Continuous Fields of Vegetation Cover, 1992-1993/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II C4 Vegetation Percentage/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Monthly Snow-Free Albedo, 1982-1998, and Background Soil Reflectance/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) Monthly Albedo, 1986-1990/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Snow-Free, Spatially Complete, 16 Day Albedo, 2002/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Historical Croplands Cover, 1700-1992/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Historical Land Cover and Land Use, 1700-1990/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II MODIS (Collection 4) IGBP Land Cover, 2000-2001/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II FASIR-adjusted NDVI Biophysical Parameter Fields, 1982-1998/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Leaf Area Index (LAI) from Field Measurements, 1932-2000/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II FASIR-adjusted NDVI, 1982-1998/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II GIMMS Monthly NDVI, 1981-2002/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global Gridded Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 1990/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global Population of the World/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global Sea Ice Concentration/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC) Monthly Precipitation/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Gauge-Based Analyses of Daily Precipitation over Global Land Areas/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global Precipitation Climatology Project Version 1, Pentad Precipitation/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global Precipitation Climatology Project Version 2, Monthly Precipitation/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global Gridded Soil Characteristics/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Total Plant-Available Soil Water Storage Capacity of the Rooting Zone/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II HYDRO1k Elevation-derived Products/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II CRU05 Climate Time Series for Global Land Areas, 1986-1995/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Climate Research Unit CRU05 Monthly Climate Data/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuels, Cement, and Gas Flaring/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II IGBP NPP Output from Terrestrial Biogeochemistry Models/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Global River Fluxes of Carbon and Sediments to the Oceans/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II Carbon Dioxide Flux at Harvard Forest and Northern BOREAS Sites/   --
     Folder  ISLSCP II GPPDI, Net Primary Productivity (NPP) Class B Point Data/   --

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