Dataset: /thredds/ncss/ornldaac/1004/soil-charact-depth30.nc4 ( Dataset Description )

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Ksat = Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
Nitrogen_dens = Soil Nitrogen Density
Pawc = Profile Available Water Content
Texture = Soil Texture Classes after USDA soil texture classes
bulk_dens = Bulk Density
clay_perc = Clay Content percentage
field_cap = Field Capacity (FC)
org_carb_dens = Soil Carbon Density
org_carb_perc = Percent Soil Organic Carbon Content
res_wat_cont = Residual Water Content
sand_perc = % Sand Content
sat_wat_cont = Saturated Water Content or Porosity
silt_perc = % Silt Content
therm_cap0 = Thermal Capacity, with 0 % volumetric soil-water fraction
therm_cap10 = Thermal Capacity, with 10 % volumetric soil-water fraction
therm_cap100 = Thermal Capacity, with 100 % volumetric soil-water fraction
therm_cap50 = Thermal Capacity, with 50 % volumetric soil-water fraction
wilting_point = Wilting Point (WP)

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Lat/lon subset
Coordinate subset
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west east

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Add 2D Lat/Lon to file (if needed for CF compliance)

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