Dataset: /thredds/ncss/ornldaac/1242/soil_na_qd_filled_v1.0_corrected627_hwsd2.nc4 ( Gridded Dataset Description )

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dmnt1 = The First Dominant Soil Component Area Percentage
s_cec = Subsoil Cation Exchange Capacity
s_clay = Subsoil Clay Fraction
s_gravel = Subsoil Gravel Content
s_oc = Subsoil Organic Carbon
s_ph = Subsoil PH (H2O)
s_ref_bulk = Subsoil Reference Bulk Density
s_sand = Subsoil Sand Fraction
s_silt = Subsoil Silt Fraction
soil_depth = The Maximum Soil Depth
t_cec = Topsoil Cation Exchange Capacity
t_clay = Topsoil Clay Fraction
t_gravel = Topsoil Gravel Content
t_oc = Topsoil Organic Carbon
t_ph = Topsoil PH (H2O)
t_ref_bulk = Topsoil Reference Bulk Density
t_sand = Topsoil Sand Fraction
t_silt = Topsoil Silt Fraction

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